Bob Forman
Full Name Bob Baxter Forman
Nickname(s) Bob, Dad Bob
Age 45
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Father of the Forman clan; unknown occupation

First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Big Time Marvin
Portrayed By Pat Finn

Bob Forman (born 1970) is father of Teri and Henry Forman and the husband  of Liz Forman. Not much is known about Bob, for it is very early in the series, yet what we do know is the information shown about him in the show. Bob is shown to be busy, for he had very little time to talk to Marvin in the pilot (but also due to having to "speak to Marvin's hearing organs").


Bob Forman's first appearance in the pilot showed him wearing a gray tuxedo shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He wore a light black tie over it and black dress pants. It is not shown if he was wearing dress shoe and the color of them, yet it is very possible.


Bob is very ambitious, for he makes sure in the pilot that his cuff-lings were aligned and his briefcase was packed. Bob is shown to influence Henry, however, for he disregarded his wife, Liz, and took Marvin to the movies instead of the library, which similar to what Henry reenacts. He is also shown to influence Henry due to the fact that he thought that Marvin being a fight being "cool".

Relationship with Marvin

Bob can easily adapt to the changes that Marvin may be going through, especially when he was manipulated by Henry to think Marvin was going through space puberty. Bob also adapted to Marvin's ability to heat and cool his finger temperature when it stuck to Pop-Pop's tongue (again).