Calm Palm is the 13th episode of Marvin, Marvin. 
“Calm Palm”
Season 1, Episode 13
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March 2nd 2013

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Marc Warren, Danny Warren & Jeff Bushell


Eric Dean Seaton

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This episode received an audience of 1.937 million viewers.


When Teri becomes nervous about beating her rival in a fencing tournament, Marvin Calm Palms her. Calm palming is a power that can make people relaxed, and not care about anything. When Teri gets onto the gym floor, Marvin finds out she is very good at fencing when she is calm palmed. However, when the Calm Palm wears off, Terri asks Marvin to do it again. At first, Marvin refuses, but then fakes it on Teri. It turns out that Teri was able to beat her rival, even though she wasn't calm palmed.


  • There will not be any guest characters in this episode.
  • The original air date for this episode was February 16th, 2013, but it was post-poned and replaced with Battle Of The Bands.

Running GagsEdit

  • People Saying "Wazzup?" Or "Duuude! In a relaxed tone when Marvin Calm Palms them.
  • People eating yogurt right from the machine.
  • People not caring about anything around them when Marvin Calm Palms them.
  • Pop-Pop and Henry playing various sports around the house.


  • In the episode Space-Cation, Marvin said that his powers were talking to animals, floating and freezing things, however it could've been that he forgot to mention his other powers, since it is revealed in this episode that he has also has a power called Calm Palm. It is also revealed many times that he can burn things too.
  • Teri mentions that Marvin never helped her when she was in problems. This is not true, since in Improbable Story Marvin helped her to win in the Science Fair Competition. Although maybe she was just overreacting or she forgot about it.


Brianna: Teri! Come quick! It's a Code Marvin! He found the new forzen yogurt machine!

Teri: So?

Brianna: He sucked it dry! And... people are a little mad.

Teri: How mad can they be over frozen yogurt?

Marvin: (Running in, covered in yogurt) Teri! You gotta help me! (Angry mob of kids come running in)

Kid: He ate all the yogurt!!

Teri: This is a shell phone. See what I did? I said shell instead of cell and phone instead of phone!