Henry Forman
Full Name Henry Richard Andrew Forman
Nickname(s) Henry
Age 9 (Pilot, Improbable Story, Toothache and Ice Pop-Pop)
10 (Burger On a Bun, Marvin & The Cool Kids and Scary Movie)
11 (Double Date)
12 (rest of Season 1)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Teri Forman (older sister), Marvin Forman (adoptive older brother), Bob Forman (father), Liz Forman (mother), Pop-Pop (grandfather), Uncle Steve (adoptive uncle)


First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Big Time Marvin
Portrayed By Jacob Bertrand

Henry Forman (born 2000) is the son of Bob Forman and Liz Forman. He is shown to have many friends, including Marvin. He has an older teenage sister named Teri Forman.


Henry's first appearance in the pilot showed him wearing a black cloth hat with a skull printed on the side. He is wearing a gold shirt and wearing a dark jacket with plaid designs on them. He is wearing dark jeans and tennis shoes. He has tan skin like his older teenage sibling, Teri, and his father, Bob, and mother, Liz.


Henry is shown to speak a little American slang, as he quotes "how you doin', my man?". This also shows that Marvin has been practicing his American slang for that very question. He is shown to have knowledge of ways of preventing being caught by his parents while disregarding what they say, showing he might have experience with these problems. He is shown to be very sneaky, for he can be sly by being able to lie to his parents and sneak Marvin out of the house.

Relationship with Marvin

Unlike his older sister, Teri, Henry initially took a liking to Marvin and became quick friends, possibly due to his personality. Him and Marvin appear to be friends, for he can speak informally to Marvin. As Marvin begins to have problems with his Earth life, Henry is shown to help with his problems, though not in the best way.