“Marvin Gets a Pet”
Season 1, Episode 12
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February 23, 2013

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Jennifer Joyce


Shannon Flynn

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Marvin Gets a Pet is the 12th episode of Marvin, Marvin.

This episode received an audience of 2.005 million views.


Marvin tells Bob and Liz that he wants to hatch his egg from his home, because he was homesick, so Bob says so, and Liz agrees. So, he hatches it, and its just a baby. He mentions he must feed him every half hour, but when Henry invites Marvin to play a game at the arcade, Marvin says he must take care of his pet Squeaky, but then they both agree that they just put a whole bag of rice in his bowl. Then, Teri talks about how a lady who deals with politics is coming to her house, and after a man at her school tells her how he failed it she becomes worried. Meanwhile, it's said that she can come a little early, but back at home, Marvin's pet has grown way bigger. Then, when she comes, she starts sneezing because Marvin's pet, but Teri lies to her and tells her it's a raccoon and her sink has recently been making noises. Then, Marvin's pet was about to jump on her, but she fell in Pop Pop's lap. Next Teri, catches Squeaky, and takes the lady outside. The lady tells her she got the job.


  • This is the first time an Alien Pet was seen.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants is referenced several times in this episode.
  • The alien pet was a puppet when he was first seen, but when its a monster, it was a full body character.
  • This episode was originally called 'Marvin Wants A Pet', but changed for unknown reasons.

Running GagsEdit

  • Pet Squeaking
  • Bob thinking that he's with Abraham Lincoln and SpongeBob.
  • People yelling:BAD SQUEAKY!



Liz: Yeah, but what if it gets free, and multiplies?

Marvin: There's only one of them. Everyone knows you need three Fuzzy's to make a baby!

Bob: (Awkward silence) How does that even work?!