Transmission To Klooton: Football Zombies is one on the mini-sodes that are found on the Nick
elodeon website. After every new episode, Nickelodeon adds these mini-sodes to their website for fans to watch and enjoy.


Marvin introduces to the viewers (which are meant to be Klootonians) that watching football is just like zombies; they are so distracted that they don't even relise that someone is talking to them.

He then starts making up senarios to get Pop-Pop, Henry and Bob to listen to him and forget about the football game:

  • He says that a swarm of bees are coming and they're about to sting their butts
  • He says that his hair is on fire and he begins screaming
  • He then says that their hair was on fire, also screaming
  • He says that there were super models in bathing suits outside

Marvin finally gives up and turns the TV off, making Henry snatch the remote off him and continue watching the game.

Marvin then ends the webisode saying that next time, he will show the effect of girls and reality TV shows.


  • The way Marvin acted could be a reference to Lucas' character Fred Figglehorn
  • This is the first webisode to only feature males




Marvin: Quick! There are a swarm of bees coming and they're coming to sting your butts!