Homework for humanoids 3

Transmission To Klooton: Homework For Humanoids is one of the mini-sodes found on the Nickelodoen website. Nickelodeon adds these mini-sodes to their website for fans to watch and enjoy.


Marvin introduces to the viewers (meant to be Klootonians) that teenage humans study for a test or an examination. He is shown entering Teri's room and is telling the viewers that humans can study without any distractions. He demonstrates this my tapping a pencil on the table, leading fusteration with Teri.
Homerwork for humanoids 4
Marvin then suggests for her to listen to some soothing Klootonian music to listen to whilst she could study. Teri almosts protests, until she hears the soot
Homework for humanoids 2
hing music. She then relaxes a bit but Marvin tells her that the music was getting to the best part. Lound thumping music fills the room, making Teri get really annoyed.

The webisode ends by Teri telling Marvin to leave and shutting the door on him.


  • This is the forth webisode that Nickelodoen uploaded to  their website, after the premier of Ice Pop-Pop
  • To date, this is the shortest webisode ever filmed
    Homework For Humanoids


  • Marvin should've gotten homework too, because he goes to Teri's school