Transmission To Klooton: Prank Calls is on of the mini-sodes that are found on the Nickelodeon
Prank Call 1
website. After every new episode, Nickelodeon adds these mini-sodes to their website for fans to watch and enjoy.


Marvin introduces to the audience to his brother Henry and how he has a bunch of cool pranks to pull. Marvin offers for him to slap himself when he greets himself like they do in Klootonia, but Henry refuses.

Prank Call 3
Henry then grabs the phone and calls up a random number. He says that he is looking for a guy with the first name, "Hairy" and the surname "Butt". He then ends up hanging up the phone laughing with enjoyment.
Prank Call 2

Marvin then calls up a random number and asks the person if his fridge is running, and instructs that he should go and catch it.

The video ends with the two of them laughing with enjoyment.


  • The way how Marvin tells the person that their fridge is running and they should go catch it, it's the same as what Tinka did in the Disney Channel Series Shake It Up episode Slumber It Up.
  • This episode is the third webisode uploaded onto their webiste after the premier of Toothache 
    Prank Call 4